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  In the face of the temptation to offer "one stop shopping" we have made a conscious and considered decision to specialize in mechanical engineering. The "one stop shopping" business model offers clients a comprehensive development organization that includes industrial design, circuit design, software, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and sometimes even manufacturing, all under one roof. It’s a seductive offering because it attempts to persuade the client that everything is taken care of by a single development "partner." It’s comfortable. Unfortunately, the model has some serious drawbacks.

For one, it builds in a lot of mediocrity. It may be excellent in whatever discipline the "one stop shop" started as, but it’s almost always the case that it is less so in the disciplines that it added on. A circuit design company that added a mechanical engineering function to keep the whole project in-house is not as likely to be as good in mechanical engineering as it is in circuit design, for example.

For another, it’s inefficient. It’s difficult enough to keep one discipline fully utilized without overload or underload. It’s an order of magnitude more difficult to do it in a multidisciplinary environment. And its static composition doesn’t give it the flexibility to meet the needs of a dynamic product mix. The result is inefficiency, and, ultimately, higher cost to the client.
  A better model, we think, is a tight network of excellent specialists who form ad hoc teams to suit the client and the project. Thus, we endeavor to couple the mechanical engineering excellence of Redpoint Engineering with the best circuit design specialists, the best industrial designers, the best software developers, and the best prototyping providers. We form these teams on an ad hoc basis, so the team’s composition is dynamic, and optimally suited for the client’s project. There is no waste, because the client only pays for what he or she uses, and the team members are each the best at what they do. Our teams are the result of long-standing relationships, so we work together well, better in fact than many "one stop shops."

So we decided to stick to what we really do well, and that is mechanical engineering. For products that place an emphasis on mechanical functionality, performance and durability we are second to none. And for products that require excellence in circuit design or industrial design we partner with specialists who are also second to none in their fields.
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With Redpoint Engineering you get the best of both worlds; experienced in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering all under one roof. Contact us today for a free consultation!
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The Redpoint guys functioned as part of our project team, and were invaluable in performing the mechanical design of our latest products. Micah Gaither, Project Engineer, Tachyon, Inc.