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  Much has been written and talked about regarding the "ifs" and "whys" of outsourcing. Our contention is that even firms that are open to outsourcing generally don’t have a good strategy for "how" to implement it. With an eye toward the mechanical engineering function the following are some guidelines that should help in that regard.  
  Medium to Large Companies
The ideal situation for medium to large size companies is to have a mix of in-house and outsourced resources:
  100% in-house is not ideal.  
    70/30 or 60/40 inside to outside is generally better for a lot of reasons.  
  Diverse Skill Sets Are Required
Mechanical engineering encompasses a diverse skill set, including such specialties as mechanical design, structural analysis, thermal engineering, materials science, and manufacturing engineering. It is unrealistic to think that a small company is likely to find, hire, and keep one engineer who is strong in all areas. Therefore,
  Small Companies
Small companies should consider the following growth scenario:
  Growing toward a 70/30 or 60/40 mix should be the goal.  
  If the sustainable workload is less than one person, outsource all of it. It doesn’t make sense to pay a full-time salary for part time utilization.  
  If the sustainable workload is between one and two people, outsource all of it. It is not a good idea to try to maintain an engineering infrastructure for one person, and two internal people are inefficient for this workload.  
  If the sustainable workload is between two and three people, two internal people and the remainder outsourced is a good way to go.  
    And so on and so forth. In general an outsourced engineering firm has more, better, and more up-to-date resources than a small company could even consider having internally. Therefore, small companies should utilize outsourcing as the primary resource, and grudgingly add full-time employees at key points in the growth cycle.  
Redpoint Engineering’s staff consists of 3 Principal Engineers, 4 Associate Engineers, and 2 Industrial Engineers with over 80 years of combined skills and product-design experience across numerous industry sectors. Our backgrounds combined with our dynamic team approach, gives us a unique advantage to help companies of all sizes. Contact Us today for a free consultation!
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Hear What Others Are Saying
The Redpoint guys functioned as part of our project team, and were invaluable in performing the mechanical design of our latest products. Micah Gaither, Project Engineer, Tachyon, Inc.
Hear What Others Are Saying
At the concept level, Redpoint worked very well with us as an integrated team. Starting with the bare requirements, Redpoint helped us define the product. Gene Davis, Director of Product Development, Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.